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To get rid of your tattoos, Connecticut Laser Tattoo Removal uses the Astanza Technology. This technology is better than other technologies on the market right now. As the table below shows, our laser system is able to remove all colors of ink, while other technologies can only remove certain colors of tattoos, like blue or purple.

Tattoo Removal Ink Color

Another important thing to note is that the pulse energy of picosecond systems, which our competitors use, is much lower than that of high-end nanosecond systems (what we use). One of the most popular picosecond lasers can only produce 200 mJ of power per pulse, but other Q-switched nanosecond lasers can usually produce at least 1000 mJ. When you use nanosecond lasers, you get a pulse with a lot more energy than when you use picosecond lasers.

Peak power is greatest when the pulse energy is high and the pulse duration is low. The leading picosecond laser may have a slightly lower pulse duration than that of the nanosecond lasers, but its pulse energy is also lower – making its peak power very comparable to that of single-digit nanosecond lasers.

That means that if you want the best results for your tattoo removal, Connecticut Tattoo Removal has the skills and tools you need to make your unwanted tattoo a thing of the past.