Describe® PFD Patch


Connecticut Tattoo Removal is very excited to provide laser tattoo removal treatments using the DESCRIBE® PFD Patch. This innovative laser tattoo removal accessory makes treatments faster, safer, and more effective compared to treatments without the Patch.

What is the Patch?

The PFD Patch is a transparent, square silicone patch infused with a special nontoxic ingredient, Perfluorodecalin (PFD), that significantly speeds up the tattoo removal experience when compared to treatments without the Patch.

Laser Tattoo Removal Without the Patch

Traditional laser treatments consist of only one laser pass per treatment due to the laser frost effect that occurs immediately following a laser pulse. This white, bubbly laser frost effect, also known as epidermal whitening, is a gas bubble formation that inhibits penetration of additional laser light energy into the skin’s dermis and takes about 30 minutes to resolve, diminishing the efficacy of multiple laser passes. Traditional single-pass treatment paired with the minimum six to eight-week healing period between treatment sessions makes laser tattoo removal a very time-consuming process.

A Cleaner Slate in Fewer Treatments

The Patch dissolves gas and provides oxygen to the skin, effectively reducing laser frost and allowing up to 4x as many passes in a single treatment compared to traditional single-pass laser tattoo removal. With 4x as many passes per treatment session, our laser is able to shatter more ink in a single session, effectively speeding up the overall removal process compared to traditional laser treatment.

In addition to speeding up results, the Patch provides additional protection to your skin, minimizes the risk of unwanted side effects, and reduces discomfort and thermal injury, resulting in reduced healing time between treatment sessions.

Want faster tattoo removal results? Ask your laser technician about the PFD Patch today!

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