Pain Free Laser Tattoo Removal

Breathe away pain and Anxiety with PRO-NOX™

We are pleased to offer this proven relief option for our patients. See for yourself! Ask how Pro-Nox™ can be added to your upcoming procedure.

The Pro-Nox™ Nitrous Oxide Delivery System empowers you to safely control your pain relief during any medical procedure. The fixed mixture of 50% Nitrous Oxide (N2O) and 50% Oxygen (O2) uses a specially designed on-demand valve that only delivers the medical gases when you inhale. You manage when to use it and for how long while still being able to recognize and respond on your own terms.

Quick Effect and Recovery

The effects are typically felt within just a few breaths through a mouthpiece or mask offering immediate relief of pain and anxiety. No needles or pills. When the pain subsides, take a couple breaths without the mouthpiece or mask and the N2O is expelled from your body within a few minutes, so you can drive yourself home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Pro-Nox™ work?

The equipment is calibrated to ensure a perfect 50/50 blend delivered with each breath. Inhale while holding your own mouthpiece or mask. Keep the
mouthpiece or mask up to your face, or nearby, as directed by your provider. Breathing in and out will help relieve pain and anxiety.

Does Pro-Nox™ have side effects?

Some patients report nausea, but taking a few deep breaths without the mouthpiece or mask to your mouth will eliminate this feeling. Speak to your provider about any contraindications.

Do I breathe from the Pro-Nox™ during the entire procedure?

No, breathe from the system as you need it for relief or as directed by your provider.

Are there any special preparations to use the Pro-Nox™?

No, there is nothing you need to do prior to, or in preparation of, using the system.

Can I drive myself home after the procedure?

Yes, unless directed otherwise by your provider. The N2O effects subside in a few minutes of breathing without the mouthpiece or mask.