Tattoo Regret in Connecticut

Who Seeks Laser Tattoo Removal?

Getting a tattoo is exciting, symbolic, and a significant milestone in their life for some. That said, it’s also normal to feel regret in the days, weeks, or months after getting a tattoo. If you have tattoo regret, you’re not alone.

The market for tattoo removal is growing. Nearly 50 million Americans now have tattoos, and 25% have tattoo regret. In the New Haven metropolitan area alone, over 108,000 people have tattoos, and 33% would consider tattoo removal. As a result, a new generation of patients seeks tattoo removal and fast results.

Some Reasons for Wanting to Remove a Tattoo:

  • Reason #1: I was too young when I got my first tattoo
  • Reason #2: I’ve had a personality change, and my tattoo no longer fits my lifestyle
  • Reason #3: I have someones name on my body whom I’m no longer with
  • Reason #4: I have a poorly done, home-made tattoo
  • Reason #5: My tattoo is no longer meaningful to me
  • Reason #6: My tattoo is in a bad location; face, hands, neck, etc.
  • Reason #7: I’m trying to enlist in the military, but I have a tattoo on my neck, and it does not meet military regulations
  • Reason #8: I want a fade-down for a new cover-up
  • Reason #9: I don’t want my kids to see it
  • Reason #10: I’m ready to enter the professional world, and I’m self-conscious about my tattoo.

Instant Relief After the First Treatment:

Most patients note a sense of instant relief after the first tattoo removal session; “just knowing the removal process has started makes me feel relieved.” In addition, it’s gratifying to watch their smile as they leave the clinic and look forward to their subsequent treatment.

How Long do I Have to Wait to Have A New Tattoo Removed?

Typically, you have to wait until your new tattoo completely heals before having it removed. We recommend waiting at least six to eight weeks before having it removed. This waiting period will allow delayed tattoo reactions to be resolved, which can occur with some pigments.
This period will also give you enough time to think about your decision to remove the tattoo. You’ll want to be mentally and physically ready to have your tattoo removed.

Are There any Reasons Why I Should Not Have a Tattoo Removed?

There are some contraindications and conditions to consider before having your tattoo removed:

  • An allergic reaction to ink (usually red, but could be any color.)
  • Accutane, antibiotics use, sunburn, or irritated skin
    • Increased light sensitivity. Wait two weeks after antibiotics and six months after Accutane
  • Breastfeeding
    • It doesn’t disqualify, but we try NOT to treat
  • Pregnancy
    • Avoid stress and discomfort on mom and baby
  • Chemotherapy or otherwise immunocompromised within the last six months–light sensitivity. You will need a note from an oncologist.
  • Chronic, immune disease or circulatory issues—take longer to heal
  • History of keloid scarring—likely to scar with removal

Be sure to have all of your questions answered at your initial consultation.